A Hand in Healing

Healing HandMillions of you (ok, my fan base is probably much smaller) are probably wondering how my hand is? Well, I’m finally seeing some improvement. Yee-friggin-haw! Where is my cowboy hat? While my thumb is finally able to more things, unfortunately it still can’t form a perfect hitchhike thumb. (My mom is breathing a sigh of relief!)

And don’t think for one minute that I’m above noticing the downside to this glorious hand healinggoing back to work.

Can I say blech without getting fired?

Although I haven’t been having the greatest time off over here at 777 My House Lane, it has been pretty darn nice not being in that corporate mouse maze. There, I said it! So sue me.

Once I get back to the cubicle, I will be completely focused on working my way back out. Let us bow our heads in silence for a communal prayer.

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