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Perfection: Why You Should Stop Trying

imperfect alarm clock doesn't care about perfectionTime doesn’t wait for perfection. Time has got other things to do while you hem, haw, tweak, plan, and strategize.

You see, I haven’t written much lately because I haven’t felt very inspired. And, in spite of writing a recent article encouraging you to stop caring what people think, my not feeling inspired is really code for: I didn’t have anything that I thought was good enough. Oh, the hypocrisy! I needed a strong kick in the pants and a good talking to.
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Diary of a Procrastinator

writing pensI paced by my desk numerous times this morning glaring at the computer screen like it was a dreaded dental appointment.  Chanted in head: “Write.  Blog.  Get out of the cube.  Write.  Blog.”  A few times I walked by the desk turning my head purposefully so I didn’t have to be reminded.  Saw laundry basket sitting next to desk.  Remembered I needed to bring it downstairs.  I paused to consider picking it up, and then decided to ignore it, too.  Gave myself ultimatum that my choices were laundry or writing and, without hesitation, picked laundry.  Downstairs in the laundry room I stopped to notice all the piles of paperwork and boxes of jewelry supplies that still need sorting through.  My wanna-be-jewelry studio has hung over my head like a sopping wet hoodie since we moved into the house 3 years ago.  This sad state of affairs was overwhelming so I headed back upstairs.  I’m not totally useless – I started the washer.  Wandered aimlessly around the kitchen looking for a snack.  Noticed how adorable the cats looked in the sun room as they both attempted to sniff fresh air out the same window.  Aww they look cute.  Grab camera.  This turned into a full kitty modeling session that lasted at least 15 minutes until, one by one, both cats got up and walked away.  Was it something I said?  Suddenly I was hungry.  Eat.  The dishes that had been sitting in the sink for at least 24 hrs suddenly HAD to be washed that. very. minute.   Hmm –  If I remember correctly, my toilets need a good cleaning . . .

One Cure for Lack of Motivation: The Buddy System


One trick I’ve discovered that works for me when I have no motivation is to find like-minded individuals who have similar goals.  Remember the buddy system?  It doesn’t matter if your buddies don’t have the exact same goals that you do, but they should have goals they want to accomplish and they should be willing to give and receive support.

teamwork, buddy system, mouse helping get cheese out of trap

When I work for someone else, I work very hard for them.  I do everything in my power to get the job done.  When it comes to setting personal goals, I tend to procrastinate and not keep the promises I make to myself.  The biggest advantage for me to having a support system is having someone to hold me accountable.  I don’t know about you, but I need a serious periodic kick in the pants when it comes to my creative pursuits. Continue reading

The Truth Is Ugly

You are witnessing, at this very moment, a veteran procrastinator in her natural habitat. I don’t feel like writing.  Instead, I am looking online for a new job.  Now, one might think “no, she’s not procrastinating, she doesn’t like her job so she’s taking ACTION to find a new one.”  WRONG.  See – this is genius procrastinating.  Procrastinating at its best, surely hidden behind a good cause.

You know what?  Why shouldn’t I be looking for a new job right now?  I hate my job.  I hate saying that I hate my job.  I hate thinking about the fact that I hate my job.  My own brain is sick of hearing it.  Job searching is, technically, trying to get out of this particular cubicle, right? Continue reading