Overcoming Obstacles is Not for Sissies

Friends overcoming obstacles in a storm

Today I came across the type of obstacle that I seem to immediately jump on as if, somewhere in the depth of my lazy butt brain, I’m looking for any excuse to quit. Do you know what I mean? Or am I just a big sissy?

It’s like I see the obstacle out of the corner of my eye (it could be miles away) but I think – yep there it is! Guess I can’t do that now. Even if the obstacle is microscopic in the grand scheme of things, I temporarily think of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Am I the only one? Don’t leave me standing out here looking like a fool. You can tell me. Feel free to chime in with a “hell yeah!” Or a “yeppers” if that’s more your style.

Well, maybe the obstacle is only blocking us for a short moment, but we’ll find another way around it if we just take a deep breath and look for a new path. If we’re going to escape mundane life in an office cubicle, we have to be badass and strong.

Come on, people! Are you with me?

This is How My Negative Thoughts Created My Own Obstacle

As I mentioned earlier, I use The Buddy System and connect with my best friend once a week to discuss our goals.

Before our meeting, my friend texted me to suggest that maybe we should do our weekly blog meetings every other week instead of weekly. Oh, the nerve! She had a lot going on, and had just taken on a new project. How dare she have a life outside of our weekly chats?! Love you Fairly Good Mother!

Upon hearing this tragic, tragic news (I mean what can be worse than meetings every other week, right?) I was upset with her because we’ve known each other a long time and WE ALWAYS DO THIS. We start a creative project that we insist will take us out of the cubicle for good. Eventually, both of us lets the idea fizzle out.

To give you a visual dramatization of how I felt: When she called, I was holding some paperwork in my hand and I wanted to throw them up in the air like “Oh this figures!” and stomp off as it snowed papers around me.

Cue dramatic soap opera music.

I needed to snap out of my inner toddler temper tantrum pronto.

My 5-Minute Pissy Fit

This is embarrassing, but I’m only telling you and it’ll be our little secret, ok? I want you to think about your own obstacles and negative inner dialogue (assuming you have one and aren’t Mary Poppins). Here was my thought process:

Minute 1:  Well now I’m screwed. So much for my blog. I won’t ever make any progress. I guess I’m doing this All By Myself, you know, like the Eric Carmen song?

Minute 2-5:  I imagined all the terrible things that my life was going to turn out like. My blogging career dreams were shattered to oblivion. I’d be homeless on the street. A homeless blogger. I saw myself working in the depths of hell (aka cubicle) for the rest of my days. I pictured myself at age 92 still pecking away at the keyboard with my scrawny, wrinkled, gnarled hands.

Yep. This is me at my worst. So now you know who you’re dealing with. If you haven’t already, please jump in and make me feel better that I am not crazy alone.

What I Learned

Minute 6: I realized that this is one of those moments where you slap yourself across the face like Cher in the movie Moonstruck and say “Snap out of it!”

I have to still work towards my goals on my own. If we are lucky enough to even have a support system, we still have to hold ourselves accountable. Everyone has stuff they gotta do. We can’t jump on The Bandwagon of Excuses at every turn. That’s the whole point of this. Get. Er. Done. No matter what!

photo by: h.koppdelaney

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