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Quit Your Day Job Dreams
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I am sure you have heard about people who quit their day job and followed their dreams to work for themselves.  It does happen to people.  Unless those people are not human and are super-powered extra terrestrial beings that have the ability to get out of the cubicle – and people like us don’t.

I realize the example below probably has odds of happening similar to those of winning the lottery.  I prefer to believe the chances are greater and I have read similar tales in magazines like Country Living and Oprah.  And we all know that if Oprah says something, it must be true.


You heard from a friend of a friend whose sister knows a Julie Schmulie so-and-so who left her six-figure monotonous banking job and is now following her dreams selling smelly soaps full-time on Etsy.  She just “wasn’t inspired at the bank.”  She loves her new life and the flexibility of working for herself.  She now gets up around 9am, takes her dog for a long walk, and then gets busy making soaps.

Let us all take a deep breath in (swoosh) and take a deep breath out (whhhooooo) and then, without hurting yourself, let’s all do a collective eye roll.

I don’t know about you but when I hear stories like this, I feel just a teeny weeny bit jealous.  A modest amount of jealousy never hurt anyone, right?  Stories like Julie’s are both inspiring and frustrating.  She probably also had a corner office with a window and didn’t have to deal with psychotic co-workers lurking over her side of the cube fence.  People like us would love to take her place in her Pottery Barn decorated office.  But we get to discuss our lab results over the phone with our doctor during our ridiculously short, clock-punched lunch hour while that pesky Lurky Lori eavesdrops on our conversation.  You know she listens because she seems to know the details of your life 5 minutes after you get off the phone. I guess my frustration is that Julie found a way to follow her dreams and she wasn’t even stuck in a 6×6 slate gray jail cell cubicle.  Truthfully, I am also jealous of her life before her soap-selling quest.  But enough ranting and raving.  Julie deserves to happy.  And so do we.

Quit Your Day Job Success Stories

If you haven’t checked out Etsy you should.  I love shopping there and used to have my own Etsy shop selling jewerly.  Anything you can think of that is artsy fartsy – someone is selling it.  If you have time, you can read some inspiring stories on their website in a series called Quit Your Day Job.  These are articles are about Etsy sellers who have increased their sales enough to finally quit their jobs.

Warning: Reading these articles may have you making a quick trip to Michaels to start your own creative money-making project.  Proceed with caution.

Check out inspiring interviews with Etsy sellers like Worley’s Lighting, West Vintage Trading Company, Lauren Alison, and Colette Paperie.  If your dream is to sell some sort of art made by you, The Artist, then you’ll be drooling over the idea that this could be your future.

For crying out loud – why can’t you be the one that others are oooing and awing over with envy as you embark on your new creative work-at-home business?  Those people aren’t better than you.  Or are they . . .

What are they doing that you aren’t?  And by “you” I mean “we” – because I’m in the same boat, my friend.  Maybe they took the necessary steps to get where they are.  Let’s get real honest here.  I doubt that Julie Schmulie came home from working her 9-5 day job and plopped herself on the couch every night to make sure she kept up with her DVR.  She probably took baby steps every day to bring her closer to her goal. 

  • Maybe the first two weeks she read books about soap making. 
  • Then she bought a few supplies and started practicing.  
  • On weekends she designed packaging for her soaps.
  • She made a business plan.
  • Every day she did at least one thing towards her goal.
  • She didn’t give up.

Those people that you admire that are doing what you wish you could do are not better than you.  They put on their pants, one leg at a time, just like the rest of us.  You have something to offer.  Stop dreaming.  DO IT.


3 thoughts on “Quit Your Day Job

  1. J.Rousseaux

    I was on Etsy yesterday looking for a bracelet and noticed something new – 90% of the bracelets I clicked on were shipping from China, and super cheap. I think Etsy needs to step it up a notch on the policing of their policies – supposed to be hand made, vintage, or supplies, right? Some of these were definitely not hand made as several shops had the same exact bracelets available in the same rainbow of colors.

    That gripe aside – I have Etsy dreams of my own. If it weren’t for this little thing called time…

    I clicked on the photo you have here and read….”It was a great run, and I worked with a lot of great people, but us “creative types” get a little stiffled in such corporate surroundings…”

    You can say that again.

  2. GardenGirl

    Seriously! As asked by “A Pretty Good Mom” where
    IS the “Like” Button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is some good


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