The Truth Is Ugly

You are witnessing, at this very moment, a veteran procrastinator in her natural habitat. I don’t feel like writing.  Instead, I am looking online for a new job.  Now, one might think “no, she’s not procrastinating, she doesn’t like her job so she’s taking ACTION to find a new one.”  WRONG.  See – this is genius procrastinating.  Procrastinating at its best, surely hidden behind a good cause.

You know what?  Why shouldn’t I be looking for a new job right now?  I hate my job.  I hate saying that I hate my job.  I hate thinking about the fact that I hate my job.  My own brain is sick of hearing it.  Job searching is, technically, trying to get out of this particular cubicle, right?

Why is writing the blog more important right now??  Here’s why:  I can’t apply for any job right now, due to The Hand for at least another month or so.  At the beginning of the week, I made some specific goals and I promised myself to make them a priority.  I finally commit to take steps towards escaping life in the cube and I’m already tossing them aside?!  And…um…I have to confess that I was only looking out of curiosity, not to actually apply to any of these.  Couldn’t curiosity about a new job kill my cubicle? Not quite yet.  Plus, all these jobs are just other cubicles to be stuck in.

All good things in good time.  For now, I have to break this habit of procastinating and write.  You should stop procrastinating too.  Get up, get something done and stop reading this blog!  But I do hope you come back and report on your productive day.

Cut to:
Ten minutes later and I’m looking at wall sconces at Lowe’  Sigh.  In the near future, you might witness me kicking my own butt.  Don’t make me kick yours.

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